My Botox Experience

My Journey… 

I’ve had Botox, there it is… I’ve said it! I still feel there is a stigma around cosmetic treatments, and this shouldnt be the case. I’ve thought long and hard about writing this post, but decided to leave my ego and worries about what people thought behind. I feel its more important to share good and safe practice! A girl should be able to share her recommendations with her friends, without judgement so here’s mine, my personal experience of Botox.

Why I decided to share my experience…

Last year , the summer before my wedding I decided I wanted Botox ( apparently this is the brand name and clinics must now market this as Anti-Wrinkle Injections – but I will refer as Botox as this is quicker and better known). I had dwelt on this for a while, and my Gordon Ramsey forehead (soz Gord) was bothering me. My favourite place for recommendations for beauty is always with friends, but none in my circle were yet to have it done, so as clueless as me. Google research was no help either, with only plastic surgery company websites with no reviews, or amateur Facebook pages which didn’t fill me with confidence. Luckily, after a lot of looking around, I did find someone through someone I knew, and booked in with them. Although they were certified, the clinic was clean, and I was happy with the results, the experience was super rushed, which made me feel nervous. When someone is treating your face, the last thing you want to feel is the clinician scrambling to finish to get the next person in!

Finding Dr Sharan…

Fast forward to Autumn, I had started my Podcast series, please subscribe here –   Dr Sharan Uppal was recommended by another guest to come on the show as an expert in the field of aesthetics. The interview with Dr Sharan was fascinating! It is my favourite Podcast to date, she was so knowledgeable and explained the science, benefits and potential side effects of Botox and Fillers. Dr Sharan is a registered GP of 10 years who ventured into the field of aesthetics and her launched the super successful Pegi Day aesthetics she is also unique as she actually trains other clinicians in the field. Together with her knowledge, training, experience, flair and natural perfectionism, I knew she was the only one I would visit to touch my face in future

 My Treatment…

Upon my first meeting Dr Sharan warmly welcomed me and offered me tea or coffee, which always goes down well in my books, and her office was adorned with all her medical certificates, which made me feel immediately at ease. The consultation, started with her listening to what I hoped to achieve, checking my medical history and thorough assessment. Dr Sharan advised me on my requests that my desired look could be achieved through Botox on 3 areas, upper and lower forehead with slight eyebrow lift, and around the sides of the eyes. Once the legal paperwork was completed and treatment agreed, and numbing cream was applied,                                                                           which being a wuss I was delighted about.

I was really impressed that my face was then measured and marked where the injections would be made, taking photos for my records. The procedure was quick and pretty much painless, the sensation I can only relate to the feeling of plucking your eyebrows. We finished with a discussion on the aftercare procedure as well as booking in a two-week check up, where she would check the results and apply any tweaks (all included in the price). Results start within a few days, with the final results visible in 1-2 weeks, I personally saw inital signs of improvement within 12 hours! Results will generally last around 12 weeks for your first time, and usually longer with subsequent treatments.

My Results…

I have to say, I am DELIGHTED with my results, it really has exceeded my expectations! I am blown away at the difference in service I received, which is why has inspired me to write this blog! My consultation was more in depth and I felt safer, my face was measured, notes recorded, and photographed, I was offered numbing treatment, and a 2 week check up, none of this was provided with my first clinic! If you are thinking about aesthetics, I really can’t recommend Dr Sharan enough, there’s so many places out there that offer Botox, but there’s a difference between being good, and being great. I can bake, but I’m no Mary Berry, you get me?!

Have you had any aesthetic work? What was your experience, I would be really interested to know, please leave a comment or any questions below.

Stay safe, and happy guys xxxx

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