Why your not Losing Weight

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Einstein

If you struggle with your weight, your not alone. In the UK according to the NHS 68% of men and 58% of women are overweight or obese, and this continues to rise. How can we break this trend, and overcome our own personal battles?

I’m Charlotte, aka SkinnySchedule despite having a degree in nutrition, I’ve been overweight, and obsessed with weight. If there was a job as a professional dieter that would be me! I literally have tried all the well known plans and the more obscure ones too. I finally discovered Slimming World and Food Optimising at 28 and I haven’t looked back. For me I discovered the magic formula, which led to me becoming a consultant and running my own groups. My personal mission is to help others who felt as trapped and as lost as I did. I hope that in sharing my experience and knowledge in my blogs will help you on your journey.

-So, Why aren’t you losing weight?

“You are your own worst enemy”

Who is your weight loss enemy? We all have them. Mine is seductive, fun, persuasive and likes to take risks. She is dominant, feisty and demanding. She is passionate, insatiable, and impulsive. She is my best friend and worst enemy all in one, and the greatest reason I battled with my weight and relationship with food for so long. She is, if your wondering, is me. She is that negative voice in my head that sabotages me.

Weight loss was a mental battle rather than a physical one for me. As a nutrition graduate, I had the knowledge of a balanced diet and the expertise of the science behind how to lose weight. Yet to my frustration and everyone else’s confusion, and bafflement, I seemed unable to apply the principles to myself. I was trapped, and crippled by an invisible force of my own inner voice that chained me.

All weight loss plans started with good intentions, plans in place, food shopping completed, meals selected, exercise regimes scheduled but, they quickly crashed and burned, sound familiar? Why was it I seemed unable to be make the choices and changes I so desperately wanted to make? With each new plan was a massive flop. With each failure, I felt incompetent, and a lost cause. I honestly felt like I was going insane.

“You can be your own worst critic or your biggest supporter”

Its well known we are our own worst critics, and as a self confessed perfectionist with chronic low self esteem, it was a recipe for disaster. Despite my desperation to be slim, in my inner most dark thoughts I felt that I wasn’t good enough, especially with a world record of failed diet attempts. On reflection, I felt I didn’t deserve to be happy. I should be suffering as I was stupid enough to make the continued poor choices and ultimately, I wasn’t capable of being slim.

“Keep going, the most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations”

Since losing weight one of the things Ive become aware of was the mental battle I endured, and how much it both held me back and fuelled by despair. The sabotaging voice in my head knew my insecurities and darkest fears, and played them over and over on repeat. (Your enemy maybe internal or physical in the form of a critiquing friend or family member)

Like a spilt personality this inner dialogue was present with me on every weight loss journey. Feeding off negative feelings, and fuelling further despair. When ever things were going well she was there to tempt me with her seductive whispers,whether it to tempt me with poor food choices, or put me down.

This inner voice always proved to be too powerful and took control of the drivers seat, leaving me feeling helpless. So how do we turn down the volume of our inner self critique? And take back control of the steering wheel to success?

“Your a human first, and a slimmer second”

For me the breakthrough was first accepting that I am human. Perfection doesn’t exist! I am a human first and a slimmer second, Therefore with weight loss we should aim for progress not perfection. Expecting perfection will only end in tears. You will slip up, you will make mistakes, but this doesnt make you a failure, it makes you human! One bad meal, one bad week, month or even a year isn’t going to stop you achieving your future goals, only your mind set will do that.

So if hatred, guilt and self loathing isn’t working for you perhaps Its time for some self love, respect, and forgiveness to yourself. After all in the words of Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Turn down that volume of that inner critic, and replace with words of encouragement, support, care and positively and create the happiest, healthiest version of you.

If this has helped you, I would love it hear from you or if youve got a topic you would love me to cover – Please comment below 🙂

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